Return instructions

Return and Exchange Processing Principles
In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, please pay attention to the following return and exchange information:

1. In accordance with Article 19 (2) of the Consumer Protection Law and the applicable exceptions of the reasonable exceptions for the right to cancel communications transactions announced by the Executive Yuan, the store will not provide the seven-day hesitation period of the Consumer Protection Law for the following products: (1) Products It is prone to corruption, has a short shelf life, or is about to expire when it is terminated. Because it is easy to deteriorate and decay quickly, the storage period is less than seven days, although it is slightly longer than seven days,

They are overdue and are not suitable for sale after being returned.

(2) Customized products according to your requirements. You have sufficient information and time to choose whether to conduct this transaction.

(3) newspapers, periodicals or magazines. Therefore, the publications are time-sensitive.

(4) Audiovisual products or computer software that you have unpacked.

(5) Digital content that is not provided in a tangible medium or an online service that is completed as soon as it is provided will only be provided with your prior consent.

(6) Unsealed personal hygiene products.

(7) International air passenger services. Such as: air tickets.

(8) Goods or services stipulated in matters that should be recorded and not recorded in the finalized contract according to the first paragraph of Article 17 of the Consumer Protection Law. Such as: art exhibition tickets, tourist accommodation tickets, etc.

2. If the goods are not listed in the preceding article, this store provides all consumers with the right to hesitate for seven days after receiving the goods. If you are unwilling to buy the received goods, please return the goods and notify the store in writing or E-mail within seven days after you receive the goods. The store will immediately handle the return for you.

3. After you receive the goods, please confirm the goods you ordered as soon as possible. If there is a factor that can be attributed to this store, the goods are damaged, scratched, or the packaging is damaged due to incomplete transportation, please do your best Quickly notify the customer service staff of this store, we will conduct a product defect or damage identification and replace the new product as soon as possible.

4. If you need to return or exchange, please E-mail or call us and provide the following information:

Order number
Name and contact number, and E-mail address
Reasons for return and exchange (optional)

V. When you want to return the goods, according to the provisions of the civil law, you and the shop should be responsible for each other's transactions to relieve the responsibility of returning to the original state. Therefore:

Please maintain the brand-new status of your products, and ensure that there are no omissions in the main products, user manuals, registration replies, peripheral parts, invoices, related accessories, etc., and return the original packaging together so that the shop can process the refund for you Matters.
If the product is damaged, worn, scratched, soiled, or the packaging is incomplete due to improper use, disassembly, or necessary inspection of the product, etc., which cannot be attributed to the store, and the package cannot be completely returned, , The store will recover the cost of the recovery certificate from you at your discretion, or ask you for the price of the product in proportion to the preservation status of the product.